CPMLeader.com Review – Legit Or Scam? Is It The Top Pay Per Impression/CPM Ad Network?

CPMLeader.com Review Are you looking forward for the best and top pay per impression or CPM ad network? Have you ever heard of CPMLeader? Do you want to monetize your website or Blog so as to earn the maximum out of it? This review which is unbiased will surely help you find out whether the above Ad Network provider is legitimate, Scam or worth to try out. True, I reviewed it myself other than basing on what others say and if you would want to know in detail, just continue reading.

What is CPMLeader? In brief, this is an Pay Per Impression advertising network which allows Blog and website owners to monetize their website on a CPM model.

How do you create an account and is it free? The answer is YES, joining and creating an account is free of charge. You only need to have a quality website with enough contents so as to add your ad code and start earning.

Is the Website approval process tough? No, the approval process is simple and automated. There systems will automatically detect any website with their ad code and it will added to your list of websites instantly.

What kind of sites are allowed? Blogspot blogs are not currently allowed into the program. But other sites are allowed for as long as they follow the content guidelines set for example not being with illegal content or an empty site and others.

What are their rules? To be honest, that you need to find out yourself on their website. But briefly, their rules are not different from other ad networks for example using clickbots, autosurfs, manualsurfs and other systems, 1×1 iframes, auto refreshing sites, clicking on your own ads, asking others to click on them and many are not allowed.

How much do you earn? That depends on the traffic your websites gets and where the traffic comes from since different countries have different rates. But the fact is that whether they click on your ads or not, you still earn money.

How do you get paid? You are required to add your PayPal account details since the payment is sent to PayPal.

Are they legit or scam? Now this is the question. Personally, I know CPMLearder as being legit and worth to try unless otherwise.

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