How To Create Dayton Freight Lines Tracking Account

Dayton_Freight_Lines_website This is a guide on how to create Dayton freight lines account for tracking purposes. Monitoring and keeping track of your “in transit” goods, items and all other deliverables something which many love. And yes, the many different freight, transport, logistics and cargo service providers will offer this to their clients to ensure that one is able to stay in touch with his or her goods while “in transit” no matter the distance.

With Dayton freight lines being one of the trusted providers when it comes to freight services, the need to know how to create an account on their portal so as to be in position of even tracking such services which requires an account is vital. This article shares you the step by step procedures on how to create your account so as to manage all of your tracking needs.

How to create a Dayton Freight Lines account

1. Visit website.
2. Click “create account” on the top right hand side.
3. Fill in all the required fields and click continue.
4. Keep filling all required information until you reach the last step.


You should at the last step be in position to receive an email containing details of your account and you should be able to log in if an account was created successfully. Follow the email confirmation and you are done.

How to track with Dayton Freight Lines tracking

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Dayton freight lines offers both the logged-in tracking and non logged-in tracking. The type varies depending on what one is tracking for example, Tracking using DFL Pro Number and Partner Pro Number doesn’t require one to be logged-in to access the results. This means that with the above numbers, you simply need to visit ttps:// website, click track by number, select choice, copy and paste the required numbers and hit track.

On the other hand, Dayton’s freight lines tracking using Shipper Number, Bill of Lading Number, Purchase Order Number, track by date, pending shipments, view images and shipping lables options requires one to be logged in. This option requires one to create an account, log in and start tracking.

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