How To Create Google Adsense Responsive Link Ad Units

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Google Adsense Responsive Ad Unit

With millions of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and etc being on the market, many people have continued to switch to in addition to multi owning them. This increase in their usage has continued to call for creation and turning of PC targeted websites to responsive ones. The main reason for this development is ensuring that one never meets a web visitor just because of a website.

These trends have not only affected company, NGO, government and etc websites, but too has affected the informational sites such as content blogs and so on. Like we know, many bloggers not only earn extra cash from Adsense but too use this Google product as a full time income basing on what many share when it comes to making money. Many of such publishers have opted in for Responsive websites, and thus a call for Responsive Adsense units since such ads tend to auto fit on the different screen resolutions used.

If you already own a responsive website or blog just like you see how is, or just planning to switch to such a platform, or even knowing one who would want to switch from desktop based to responsive Google adsense ad units, then reading this article is a thing you must not miss out. Below is how to get started and the different steps and procedures.

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1. Log into your Google Adsense account using your account details.
2. Navigate to “My Ads” and hit on “New ad unit”.
3. Hit select under “Text & display ads”.
4. Enter the name of the “ad unit”
5. select “Link Ads” under “Ad-size”
6. Select “Responsive links” and save.

You can now paste your newly created “ad unit” in the position you want it to display and or simply replace with the old ones if you have been running them already. Wait for a few minutes and your “adsense link ad units” will start displaying on your site.

Some of the benefits of using “responsive ad units” may include but not limited to; “You could potentially see up to a 40% revenue increase for each link ad unit you switch to a responsive link ad unit”. This is all.

How To Create Google Adsense Responsive Link Ad Units

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