Credit Cards & Debit Cards – Your Guide to the Bankcard Industry And Best Practices By Greg Johnson Kindle Review

Credit Cards & Debit Cards - Your Guide to the Bankcard Industry And Best Practices By Greg Johnson Kindle ReviewThis is a simple review of Credit Cards & Debit Cards – Your Guide to the Bankcard Industry and Best Practices Kindle eBook by Greg Johnson. In here below, you will get a quick into on what you expect out of this eBook.

No other form of payment has so revolutionized the world of commerce. But while millions of people have wallets stuffed with cards of every kind, very few understand how the payment system actually works. Greg Johnson has used his 25+ years of banking experience in writing this book which explains the interaction between cardholders and merchants, the banks that service both, and the card associations Visa® and MasterCard®. Throughout these pages, you’ll also find many practical tips to help get the most out of your cards.

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This is not a book about managing debt! There are countless books and articles which focus on that topic alone, and frankly if you’re already buried under a mound of debt, you should consider the services of a professional who can tailor a plan based on your specific set of circumstances. Rather, this book is for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of the bankcard industry and best practices when it comes to using a credit card or debit card. You can get it and explore

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn

– “A Brief History of the Bankcard Industry
– The Role of the Cardholder, Merchant, Issuer, Acquirer, and the Card Associations
– The Authorization and Settlement Process
– The Critical Role of Interchange….Why Issuers Love It and Merchants Do Not
– How To Choose a Credit Card
– Your Monthly Credit Card Statement….Why It’s Wise To Review It Every Month
– What To Do If Something Appears Incorrect or Suspicious On Your Account
– Merchant Disputes….Understanding Your Rights When Something Goes Wrong with a Purchase
– Card Fraud…..Ways To Protect Yourself
– Bankcard Fees….How to Avoid Some of the More Common Ones
– Debit Cards….When Best to Use and Not to Use a PIN”

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