Dagcoin Uganda Reviews

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Dagcoin Uganda “Claiming” to be the “the most usable cryptocurrency in the universe“, Dagcoin is a new hot talk in Uganda. Different people have asked much, have talked much, written much, become investors while others are still wondering what is all about this cryptocurrency and whether it is something legitimate worth to try out or a scam one wouldn’t waste his time on.

In this review, I am sharing some useful information about Dagcoin in general well as Uganda remaining the main focus. All you need is to keep reading so you can discover what you might have been missing out like we all know that online is whether lots of information is available and for free.

We have already heard about Onecoin, Bitcoin, Virtacoin and the likes, and now, its time we get to know something about Dagcoin Uganda. Mainly, this review will focus on what this cryptocurrency is all about, the DagWallet, how to get dags and claimed benefits. Understanding all of the above will help you make a choice on whether to Join and invest now or simply wait until you feel you are ready.

Taking a quick search on Social media platforms like Facebook will return results about what people are saying and talking about Dagcoin Uganda. In fact, many are sharing how they are already into the Dagcoin university while others share how they have already invested with others joining rapidly.

What is Dagcoin?

On their website, Dagcoin “claims” to be “the most usable cryptocurrency in the universe”. May be it is much more better when compared to similar currencies like Bitcoin (the very first of its kind), Onecoin, Virtacoin and other. This I don’t know may be you should be tasked to find out is the claim is real or not.

How do you join Dagcoin?

To be very honest, all I saw when I visited their website was a Download option and a Sign up option to the newsletter. But wait, may be one simply downloads the Dagwallet and boo is started. Or you need to join through those ones who are already in the ting! This I am not even sure but will edit this very part once the correct info is found.

What is unique with Dagcoin?

I know many of you out there are wondering what makes this cryptocurrency unique despite the existence of many others like Bitcoin not so? The answer simple;-

  • Is build on a brand new DAG-chain technology.
  • New distribution methods i.e purchase or from others unlike others which rely on mining.
  • They have a secret (new ecosystem that is usable and understandable to everybody).

How do you get Dagcoins?

If you read out the last paragraph above, I am sure you do not need to read this. But if you didn’t like many do… Hahaha, I just caught you lol.. of course you should. You can get Dagcoins by either getting them from others – those who have them already, and or buying them from the Exchange market. Hassle free!

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Why should you use DagWallet?

  • Send and receive payments instantly.
  • There are no limits, lag or additional fees for worldwide payments
  • Once dags are sent, the transaction cannot be reversed
  • No one can trace transactions back to you
  • Sending dags is easier than sending an email
  • he largest fee is just 0.0005 dags even if you are sending 1.000.000 USD.
  • Anyone, from any country, of any age, can accept dags within minutes
  • Time has proven that cryptocurrencies are great for investment
  • Your dags are only in your DagWallet in your phone, tablet or computer. It’s like cash in your pocket – only you control it.
  • Dagcoin doesn’t need miners, so sending and receiving is an eco-friendly process without wasting a lot of electricity.
  • Dagcoin is based on DAG-chain that is already lightning fast, but it gets even faster when more people join the dag-community.
  • You can also backup and sync your DagWallet with your other devices like tablet or computer. So, you’ll be able to recover everything if something bad happens to your phone.

Where can you use Dagcoin in Uganda?

Ho! This too I am not sure. Therefore, I don’t know! I have heard that online via exchangers but too doesn’t know which ones exactly. May be soon I will find out. For those in Uganda eg Kampala, I will update here once I locate the place one can use Dagcoins to make a purchase or even to exchange.

Is Dagcoin legit or scam?

Please and please, don’t ask me yet about the exact answer to this question. You know it well that am a kind who doesn’t arrive at conclusions without first finding the actual. Oh yes, Dagcoin is just like other ..coins. May be soon, I will be in position of sharing the fact on whether it is a scam activity to avoid or something legit worth to spend your money and time.

Dagcoin Uganda Reviews

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  1. This is the future, if you don’t enter now you may not be able tommorow, the next economy is cashless

  2. Thanks to the crypto currency world the idea of crypto is real so let all Ugandans embrace it

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