DailyRewards.com Reviews – Scam or Legit? How It Works

DailyRewards Survey Reviews This review is about DailyRewards. If you have been asking yourself what this is all about, whether it is a legitimate way to help you earn that extra income online, whether it is a scam service you shouldn’t waster your time on, the different ways in which you can make money off it, what you are supposed to do and any other question, then you should go on and read this post.

DailyRewards.com “claims” to be a Revenue share service provider which shares revenue made from both surveys and paid emails with its members. Members are engaged in paid emails which are sent to their inboxes, while at the same time, they get paid for responding to surveys which are available on the site to registered members.

It is “claimed” that members earn between $0.25 to $1.66 for a 15 minute survey, while up to $0.50 is paid per email read (up to 3 Paid to read emails are received by active members). When those earnings accumulate up to $30, a member will request payout and earnings will be sent. DailyRewards too offers other ways to earn and which include but not limited to Offers, Games, Search and Tasks.

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Joining DailyRewards.com is free of charge where one only needs to access their website, hit on create account, activate the account and instantly start participating in the available opportunities which earns one money. Additionally, you receive $5 free just to sign up. Now that we have seen what it entails, how it works and how to get started, lets look at the one question many ask as to whether DailyRewards.com is legit or scam..

Is DailyRewards.com scam or legitimate?

When a friend asked me to tell him whether Daily Rewards was scam or legit, I had no answer apart from signing up for a free account and start doing tasks. Yes, and now that I have an account, for you I will be able to post here an update on whether it is trustworthy or not. The one thing I have heard many share is the limitation of surveys and which seem to be the high earning opportunities. For now, I can’t prove that it is a good or bad site not until I find out and soon. So please keep waiting I will share with my personal findings so you know.. Until then.

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