Data Center Infrastructure, Performance And Functionality

A data center can be defined as either a physical or virtual facility used to house a company’s computer systems. It’s the centralization of all the company’s data into one location for easier access to information, proper data management and establishment of proper information channels.

Most data centers have evolved in such a manner as to want to incorporate virtualization. This is done in an effort to increase efficiency and to optimize the scarce resources available to a company. There is also a need to reduce power consumption of the data centers. Due to the need of virtualization and cloud computing as well as environmentally safe power usage, most companies have adopted DCIM solutions. The Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is a suite of packages that manage and control the critical systems of a data center.

The Data Center Infrastructure Management

It can be broadly defined as the coming together of the IT resources and facility management. This combination results in a more manageable data center. Before the development and deployment of DCIMs, a data center would comprise of different segments each monitored by a different group of people. The sharing and correlation of data in this case was almost impossible thus the need for a more centralized approach. The DCIM is essential for the efficient performance and functionality of data center infrastructure.

Insecurity of the IT in data centers

There are a lot of ways that security of data in the data centers can come under attack. Issues such as hacking, viruses, theft of data and malware are the common issues that the centers have to contend with on an almost daily basis. Data centers are also prone to physical theft such as the theft of USBs and other IT facilities. This is why most of these centers have fitted alarms on the servers and the racks to hinder people from tampering or stealing information and other physical items.

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However, there are other problems to be considered. The network itself can come under attack and so can the telemetry systems. Ill-intentioned people can attack the telemetry system to find out information about the data center’s cooling system. They can thus attack the sensors in such a manner that the rack is fed false temperature information making the power systems in the center hotter or cooler.

How to improve security in the data center

After analyzing the risks involved it might seem that the risks involved with DCIM implementation far outweigh the benefits of implementation. However, this is not the case. The cost savings, better data management and a competitive edge are some of the many benefits that the data centers can accrue from the implementation of DCIMs.

Companies need to look for security solutions that are beyond the rack. The two main areas to consider when beefing up the security of the data facility are: securing the protocols and using the right cables. There are various companies that are offering efficient solutions to protect the protocols and ensure that no devices can circumvent the data security.

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