How To Delete WordPress Themes Inside WP Admin Without FTP/File Manager

Wondering if if it is possible to delete all non-used WordPress themes without using FTP or file manager as many are used to? Reading this post will help you discover the easiest way to go about this within a few seconds and imagine from your WordPress admin dashboard. Yes, from the administration end other than using any file transfer protocol tool or application. Below are the procedures you should follow.

It will take you a few seconds before you get rid of all other themes which are not currently used and which will help you gain additional storage space for your site besides making it run faster. Log into your Blog and click on add new plugin. Enter “Delete multiple themes” in the search box and wait for results to display if you are using the latest WP, and or simply hot enter to search and follow prompts as shown below.

1. Log into your site and go to plugins

Click add new plugin

2. Install Delete Multiple Themes Plugin from results

Install delete Multiple Themes Plugin

3. Activate the Delete Multiple Themes Plugin

Activate Delete Multiple Themes Plugin

4. Hover on Appearance and click Delete Themes

Hover on appearance and hit delete

5. Check all themes you want to delete

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Check all themes you want to delete

6. Click on delete themes

Click on delete themes

That’s all. Confirming will see all of your unwanted themes removed instantly from your WordPress blog without the need to use any FTP client or file manager. This is a very easy way with a simple plugin use. After you are done, you can uninstall the plgin just to ensure that you don’t play with your current theme.

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