Did PayPal Permanently Limit Kate’s Account Because Of Linking Payoneer Card/Bank?

PayPal Ban This is a story of what happened to Kate, one who had used PayPal for a good number of years only to wake up seeing an account permanently limited message from PayPal, which he thought to have been a result of linking a Payoneer Bank Account and Debit card. Yes, PayPal allows users to have a personal and a business account, which Kate had.

After his premier account was let to rest forcefully by PayPal, he chose to verify and link a Payoneer Bank of America bank account and their prepaid master debit card. He was successfully in doing so well as it his account lasted not longer than a single additional hour only to receive a permanently limited account email message from PayPal.

I have also read from Payoneer blog itself and from other forums and sites about how PayPal nolonger supports their issued bank accounts in the name of not being known to be real accounts. This makes me wonder what they refer to as one since personally, I think that for as long as an account can receive funds (accept incoming money) from others and allow you to withdraw it (a process which the master debit card does), that makes it a real bank account.

From what I know, Payoneer members go through the verification process where they are required to submit their proof of identities like Passport, Drivers licenses, National ID’s and any other as proof of where they reside and so forth. And by doing so, its a sign that what they get is a real bank account since they are even issued by famous banks like Bank of America.

Kate’s story continues… Himself, he shares what the email content were for example, PayPal never stated the exact reason for the limit since they sent him more than a single but either reasons for example, having a secondary account with a negative balance, having provided wrong information and so forth but why all this immediately after Linking Payoneer Bank account and Card?

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Like him, the net shares so many who are going through this to an extent that others lose $$$ in their limited accounts. Which to me looks wrong (please note that PayPal has their own rules which they follow).

Anyways, Kate concluded that his account was permanently limited due to linking Payoneer well as that wasn’t part of what was stated. What do you think about this? For what reason would you attach this to?

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