Did UCC Suspend Kalondozi Show By Aisha On ABS TV?

ABS TV Uganda Kalondozi With Hajjat Aisha This is a bothering question. I am wondering what happened to ABS TV’s show Kalondozi by Aisha and whether its true that Uganda Communication commission made a decision and suspended this program off air. If you were tuned on to ABS TV last Sunday at 10 pm, the exact time when everyone would expect to see Aisha live with something new, then you must have noticed that instead, “Ekifananyi Siluganda” court was aired.

Yes, and as a fan of Kalondozi, of course I was forced to check on YouTube “XOXO” channel to see if there was any update but there was nothing. This made me take time and search the different websites, forums, blogs and social sites until I landed on some posts from websites including Bigeye.ug, Oops.ug, Fakebeast.com, 24sevennews.com, Howwe.biz and on Facebook all indicating that UCC has indefinitely suspended the Kawaala’s based station ABS program known as Kalondozi over what they termed as “ponography” and privacy reasons.

It should be noted that under the laws of Uganda, pornography is not allowed and more especially when its publicized. This means that if that was the base of this popular ABS TV program Kalondozi, then this was of course expected.

Different stories claim that the suspension “might” have been as a result its most recent airing of “Nabbi Omukazi” – Maggie Kayima “Mu ssabo” and nakedness which may have been seen as a breach of people privacy. But who knows whether this is the truth or confirmed?

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The question on whether UCC suspended Kalondozi Show By Aisha On ABS TV still hangs in my mind and not until I find out the truth and fact from you mu readers, I will keep hunting for the fact.

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