Download GBWhatsapp Latest Version 2020 APK – Install On PC / Mobile

Download GBWhatsapp APK Free Latest Version This is a how to guide to Downloading, installing and running GBWhatsapp apk on your device – be a smartphone, mobile or PC surely means the possibility to have more than a single phone number connected to Whatsapp. And yes, this application helps you to activate 2 whatsapp numbers plus on your single device or computer or phone.

In this post, I am sharing with you how to download, how to install, how to run and how to activate GBWhatsapp latest 2016 version on your device so that you can enter the new year connected to Whatsapp with all your phone numbers. And besides, the entire procedure is very simple and easy for as long as you follow the procedures as seen below.

Downloading GBWhatsapp APK to your device is pretty easy. All you need is to visit the GBWhatsapp website, download the APK installation file and save it on your device which can be a computer or mobile device. And once you are done, you can go about the installation steps which vary depending on your device – computer or smartphone.

Latest GBWhatsapp APK 2016 Features

In order to install GBWhatsapp on your smartphone, you will need to first do a back up of your current official whatsapp data by going to settings, back up chats and backing them up. Now using a file explore app, go to the file system and rename the current whatsapp folder to GBWhatsapp. Then perform the uninstallation procedures, run GBWhatsapp apk and install it. Now change numbers by adding the old number on GBWhatsapp and the new number on the official version which you will need to download and install from the official site.

And to run APK say v2.90, v3.50, v2.50 on your computer, simply follow steps of running any mobile application on a PC. You will need to first install a third party app like Andy OS and follow procedures like mobile.

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