Where to download UCDP Form (Driving permit medical form)

ucdp medical form This Uganda computerized driving permit medical form (UCDP1 form) is mandatory when it comes to applying for new driving permits, provisional driving permit and learners driving permit in Uganda. This UCDP form is has parts which are to be filled by the Uganda driving permit applicant for new driving permit, renewal and etc and that part which is filled and stamped by the doctor.

In order to download the Uganda driving permit medical form (UCDP), one should follow the following below procedures. This same post covers where to download and how to make use of this form.

  1. Visit URA web portal and scroll down to download forms.
  2. Click on Download Manual Forms and select domestic taxes.
  3. Click Driving Permit Forms and click FORM_UCDP1 – Application for Driving Permit(Medical Form)
  4. Save to your computer when prompted and print it out.
  5. Fill the personal details of applicant and application for parts.
  6. The medical practitioner part should be filled by the doctor and of course, he or she should stamp on it.
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UCDP Uganda driving permit Medical form

Sign the form, write down your phone number and you will be ready to attach the dully filled, signed and stamped UCDP form to any of your applications.


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  1. Not in Uganda currently, but would like to get a driving permit once am back, probably in a week’s time. How is it possible

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