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UFI Dongle android toolbox without boxUFI Dongle is an android toolbox which works in solving a number of supported mobile phone errors and fixes. If you are looking for ways to fix bricks in your android devices, using UFI dongle software, you are able to perform a number of actions on those smartphones listed as supported.

UFI dongle support model listed includes both  Intel SoC platform, Qualcomm and MediaTek devices for example; ASUS_T00F (A500CG), ASUS_T00J (A501CG) ASUS_T00G (A600CG), ASUS_Z002 (A601CG) ASUS_T00I (A400CG) ASUS_T00K (A502CG) ASUS_T00Q (A450CG) ASUS_Z007 (ZC451CG) ASUS_Z008 (ZE550ML) ASUS_Z00A (ZE551ML) K00Z (ME175CG) K012 (FE170CG) and the list continues.

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Using this UFI dongle free software which is installable on your computer with no activation needed, you are able to perform lots of tasks related to repairing and services of your MediaTek, Intel SoC and Qualcomm OS devices there by making them fresh in performance.

With UFI dongle android toolbox software, you can perform a number of operations on your mobile as supported including but not limited to; fastboot flash tool, flasher for bricked devices, imei repairing, adb tool for eMMC partitions and etc.

Features of UFI Dongle free software

• Ultra low cost, Rich features, Using the same software used by UFIBOX.
• Universal Platform with support for almost all Android brands and models in the market
• Debrick Android Intel devices(ASUS, Lenovo, etc)
• Debrick Android Qualcomm HSUSB QDloader 9008(Xiaomi, Oppo, etc) devices
• Debrick Android MediaTek(Meizu, Oppo, etc) devices
• Repair Imei for Android Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek (and another platform in future update)
• Normal flashing via Fastboot, Intel, Qualcomm Sahara or Firehose protocol, and MediaTek
• Regularly Updated Support files for Firmware
• Requires no box nor activation
• No cracked but full setup

Using UFI Dongle android toolbox, you can;

– Universal Android Fastboot flash client
– Brand and Model based firmware definition
– Support for Official ASUS .raw and .zip files
– Backup and Restore Android user data, apk files for before and after flashing
– Factory reset(erase cache and data ) for Android devices
– “Factory erase before flash” to clean-up user data
– “Erase all partitions(blankphone)
– Imei repair for Intel SoC platform, specially for ASUS Intel devices.
– Imei repair for Qualcomm and MediaTek(AT mode or META mode)
– Dump all the eMMC partitions
extcsd, boot1, boot2, gp part and userarea partition
– Read and write single partition for example factory, config, modemst1, modemst2, etc
– Screencap to capture the device screen, might be useful for documentation or repair phone with faulty lcd
– Clear or Disable PERM_WRITE_PROTECT bit in the csd field, to fix or avoid “cannot be wipe” problem
– DragAndDrop handler for adb sideload
– DragAndDrop handler for apk install

Download UFI dongle software Free

You can download this popular review android toolbox software free here and set up your station. Also are a number of other reviews you can check and compare.

And please note that certain terms and conditions may apply which can be found on the software downloading site.

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