Driving Blind – Hazardous Effects Of The Sun

http://res.cloudinary.com/dwhoj4km6/image/upload/v1460379712/Driving-Blind-Hazardous-Effects-Of-The-Sun_yaqymv.jpg “But the sun was in my eyes!” Sound familiar? It’s the oldest excuse in the book. It doesn’t work on the baseball diamond, and it sure won’t work after an auto accident. When you’re on the road, you need to be able to see. Period. There’s no excuse for obstructing your vision while driving. One of the most common things that blurs drivers’ vision is the sun. The sun’s light blares its way into everything in its path, and that path includes your eyes.

With the very many other risk factors associarted with sunburn including skin aging, damage and cancer as a result of UV exposure many questions arise. But, what can you do to keep your vision clear and steady?

Follow these tips, and you’ll find that the sun will light up the road without leaving you confused and in danger.

Get some sunglasses

Sunglasses are more than just a cheap way to look cool. Sunglasses can save your life. The sun on a hot summer day can blind a driver temporarily, leaving the driver and every motorist nearby in danger of swerving, sudden braking, and other unpredictable mistakes.

According to New York auto accident lawyer David Resnick & Associates, there are hundreds of thousands of car accidents every year. Sunglasses reduce the amount of light that gets to your eye. This isn’t always good, of course, and you should avoid wearing them when driving in the dark. But during the day, a pair of sunglasses can leave your vision clear during even the most awkwardly bright lights.

So get a pair of sunglasses – cheap ones work just fine, but you can upgrade to the serious stuff if you need to — and keep in your glovebox. Clear vision can prevent you from getting in an accident. Sunglasses will come in handy more often than you’d expect.

Get your windows tinted

A window tint can save the effort of lugging around specialized sunglasses all the time. Tinted windows are like big permanent sunglasses. They’ll keep the sun off your arms and face (from the sides, at least), which will reduce some vision problems.

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Tinted windows bring up a few problems, though. For one thing, different states have different laws regarding window tints. You can have trouble knowing whether or not your tint is legal when you cross state lines; a heavy window tint might require you to do extensive research if you plan on road tripping.

The other problem with tinted windows is that, in many places, you can’t tint your windshield. This is so that law enforcement can drivers. Your frontview vision won’t be improved much by your side and back tints. Still, a tinted window could help you see the traffic next to you, allowing you to react appropriately and stay out of trouble.

Get some other headgear

There are all sorts of things drivers can buy to put on their heads. Visors, hats, and the like will also provide some protection to the sun’s blinding light. The overhead visors in your will help in the same way.

Avoid driving during peak sunny moments

If you’re really concerned about the sun blinding you as a driver, your best bet is to simply stay out of the sun. People with especially sensitive eyes or nervousness may want to avoid peak times of sunlight. These peak times will vary depending on region and time of year.

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