eBay Account Suspended – What Is Your Story?

eBay is one of the biggest online stores where the different people can shop and or sell their items and products including both the digital and non digital products for as long as one meets the requirements of buying and or selling. To buyers, shopping on eBay is so simple whether you have an account or not while to sellers, one must have an account and too a form of receiving payments for example a PayPal account which at the same time doubles as the one which is used to cater for the eBay seller charges for example the listing fees. And well as everything looks easy, the fact is things are not as they are seen to many just like it did happen when Joy’s eBay Account suspended her account giving a reason that her account posed a security threat, and below is Joy’s full story as she narrates..

“As we know it that eBay is the world’s most famous online market, having spent a full year as a legitimate Buyer, I choose to go to another step of becoming a seller but particularly on the digitally delivered good like e-books, domain names and others related, something which i thought would do very good for me not knowing that this was all a waste of time since it was my path to m eBay account being suspended. For a long time, I had seen and read many success stories from the different people who made good money out of eBay from selling and i had wanted to take on the opportunity, which ended up even taking the one i had, of course the one for buying and enjoying cheaper things online like the small computer devices, phones, unlocking tools and others, which i was enjoying i must say.

The day I listed my first domain name is the very day when all of the above ended, although until now I have never known what exactly was the cause after receiving a non-reply-able email from eBay stating how my account had been suspended as it posed a security threat to them. A security threat? I wondered what a security threat was and till now, i am still wondering.

After confirming that my eBay account was indeed suspended as I tried to log in but couldn’t go to the exact homepage other than the partial notification page which alerts suspended users to clear any outstanding payments, something which made me to start I recalling what I might had done wrong which would have caused such a thing to happen and below are the three things which came into my mind

1. I thought whether it was because the email PayPal email address i had added as a payment email was a personal one rather than a Pro which accepted payments in addition to PayPal earning some fee on every transaction?

2. Whether it was due to a link i added on my blog directing to the domain name i had listed on eBay with words like cheap domain names for sale?

3. Wondered too whether the problem was due to having used a different PayPal account for verifying and then sending Payments to a different PayPal one? And many other questions of which until now i still ask myself.

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Since then, I have been trying to contact eBay but all in vain after receiving no single response apart from the email message that came on January 4th from the billing department alerting me how I had no bills to clear. What hurts more is not knowing why the account was suspended since if I knew, I would never ever do that same thing again as I happen to be a good listener. One other thing that is bad is the fact that once an eBay account is suspended, one is told not to bother creating another account, something which makes one to forgo any plans planned as a result of eBay either on sells or purchases”.

Since she only did the three things as mentioned above, what do you think was the exact cause of eBay suspending Joy’s account as you basing on what you know? Share your story..

Joy is an a crafts seller from Africa and sent this in as a guest question[email address removed]

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4 Responses

  1. nuzzo says:

    I got an eBay account from Auction Essistance, but eBay still giving me the same BS as they did with my personal account. eBay will screw you over and not think twice about it. Bunch of momos who work there couldn’t offer support to save their life.

  2. Auction Essistance says:

    eBay will never give you a reason as to why they suspended you.

  3. Kiyimba says:

    That is why you need to develop a habit of buying on local stored lol. What if you buy on Amazon, I hear they don’t suspend like eBay may be it can work out. Sorry for the story which makes me scared of shopping on eBay.

  4. Ali says:

    eBay suspended my account. I gave it time and created a new one which has worked 5 years now. Once they make a decision, its final no claims nor adjustement. Worst is you never know why.

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