eBook Review – “How I Earned $5000 from Google Adsense within My 1st Year as an African Based Blogger – Lessons And Tips You Can Follow To Make It As Well!”

Google Adsense is the leader when it comes to making money from anywhere and online. Believe me you, I have proof for this and itsn’t something new when I read what other people share on the same. Yes, I bought this eBook by Sevume which is all about “How I Earned $5000 from Google Adsense within My 1st Year as an African Based Blogger – Lessons And Tips You Can Follow To Make It As Well!” and from what the author shared, its true that anyone can make it regardless of where one lives be Africa, Europe, America and any other for as long as that city, country or area falls in the allowed list of sites to participate in the program.

As usual, I reviewed this $1.50 eBook when you buy it on Amazon just to share with you what you should expect finally you land your eyes on it. Truth be, many of the ways which the author wrote about are what we know well as the main difference remains on how to apply them so as to make more just like he said “Earned $5000 from Google Adsense within My 1st Year”. See this, everyone has that chance for as long as he or she does is committed to doing so.

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Before I share with you everything in detail, I would want to ask you something. Do you know what $5000 can do once you touch it if you are in Africa? To be honest, that money is very much and it can do a whole lot of things for example, buy you a plot of land, build you a house, buy you a car, marry you a wife and or any other. Yes, it can do all if not some. Okay, I will take you through what you expect when you get a copy of this product

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What I loved about it – Pros

– Very cheap.
– Very straight forward
– Very simple to apply when you follow
– Average rating
– A good sales rank

What I hated about it

Only about Adsense – I am a money maker and online. I love it when I get access to more than a single alternative when I buy something. Yes, but the cost you buy it is less and that is what you should expect. I am sure the author simply wanted to talk about it all period. No query and besides, you are able to get others in the category of choice for example if you are looking on how to make money off Amazon.

What you expect when you get it

This product features and covers topics (and in depth) like the ones listed below.

– Getting started right from applying for your GA account.
– How to get your account approved.
– Things you should do to earn money.
– Things to avoid when using GA.
– Tips to boost your earnings.
– Oh and etc.

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Conclusion – While many people talk about GA the other way round, one thing I know is that when you follow the guides, do what you should, follow the program terms, policies and conditions and all as outlines, the end result will always be positive. And when you use the this program in addition to others like eBay ads, Amazon and etc, chances are that you can even make t more. If I was asked if I can recommend it, of course I wold say yes and besides, it only costs you just a Dollar.

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