Ekifananyi Siluganda On ABS TV, Unearthing The Hidden Facts

ABS TV Ekifananyi Siluganda “Ekifananyi Siluganda” is a program which is aired on Pastor Iga’s kawaala based station ABS TV. This program is one other which has seen its popularity grow day by day due to its nature, and what it entails, just like it was for Aisha’s Kalondozi show which UCC banned due to terms violation. If you have never heard of this show, then reading this post might help you find and get to know what ABS TV has with regard.

The “ekifananyi siluganda” program is all about helping the concerned get to know their stand with their children – discovering whether they are the real father of the children however much they may look alike or similar. This word is a local one which simply refers to “the image doesn’t refer to brotherhood or familyhood”.

This “ekifananyi siluganda” on ABS TV is a bit similar to Bukedde’s “Taasa Amakaago” by Joan Lule basing on the fact that all of the two in many cases end up having to carry on a DNA test as a way to prove the facts which are claimed, basing on the nature of the case.

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On ABS TV, both sides involved are given lawyers, and of course with the judge presiding over the case. This begins right from when the case is reported and entered into the files, after which the case hearing kicks off with each part eg the claimed father, and the mother being present but represented by a lawyer.

Questions and answers are received from both sides, and later on the parties agree for a DNA test to be carried out. The results are brought forward, and the judge with full powers announces them. Oh yeah, this is another TV show you might consider viewing.

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