El Salvador: Community Based Officer

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Organization: Creative Associates International
Country: El Salvador
Closing date: 02 Nov 2015

Position Location: San Salvador, El Salvador


Creative Associates International, Inc. is a privately held professional services firm based in Washington, DC. Since its inception in 1977, Creative has provided assistance to communities, NGOs and private companies worldwide in leadership processes and change management. The Community Based Officer is an employee of the project and reports directly to the Chief of Party. The role of the Community Based Officer is to identify and develop pilot activities in target communities in support of violence and homicide reduction, through small in-kind grants.


  • Responsible for the implementation of program activities and achieving objectives at the community level;
  • Designs and develops grant proposals, develops close working relationships with local partners, and ensures that target populations are actively involved in the grant activities;
  • Prepare programmatic and budgetary information for activities, with support from finance assistant;
  • Responsible for programmatic reports of grants under contracts;
    Maintain good communication with communities and target populations;
  • Provides technical assistance and support to grantees, as required; and
  • Travels to communities to address the implementation and management of grants.


  • Bachelor’s degree is required, with studies in social sciences or related fields;
  • Four to five years of professional experience, preferably in urban communities with nonprofit organizations in San Salvador; and
  • Fluency in Spanish.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Take initiative and be able to manage a complex portfolio of activities with supervision;
  • Ability to work in teams to develop ideas or grant projects;
  • Good organization skills and ability to maintain and foster relationships with staff and implementing partners; and
  • Must be able to distribute your time so that you can develop field activities in 75% of the time and 25% to be earmarked for administrative duties in office.

****Local candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.****

How to apply:

Please apply online: https://rew21.ultipro.com/CRE1010/JobBoard/JobDetails.aspx?__ID=*BDD9B6F6BAEFD084

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