Embed [Links] Everything In WordPress 4.4 Clifford – An Awesome New Feature

Embed [Links] Everything In WordPress 4.4 Clifford - An Awesome New Feature WordPress 4.4 version named Clifford is here. And this time round, it’s new with many awesome features among which include the Embed everything. This Embed everything feature allows you to copy and paste a link from any other site or even your own site and instantly show a preview of itself. And yes, you only need to copy and paste the link in your Editor and see the preview of what you are linking to.

The embed everything feature to me is one of the best WordPress features I have ever come across since it allows any one to make embed and preview instantly with having to go to the linked site for a description. Just take a look at the preview below, its the WordPress article about this awesome new embedding feature..

New Embeds Feature in WordPress 4.4

What happens is that when you add a link, an instant preview will be auto generated and a description or excerpt of the post will be added into your post. Readers will then be able to check on the link directly right from your post. This is not an add link feature but rather, a standalone to preview all added links.

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Want to see this feature live and in action on your site, the answer is simple. Do an upgrade from your old WordPress core version and update it to Clifford 4.4. Nothing else, just add the link of the site of your choice and you will instantly see the preview. Oh gosh, this means that I should edit all my old posts with naked links 🙂

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