Are You Employed By Google?

Yes, the question is very straight forward. Are you employed by Google or is Google your current or one of your employers? In the past, I used to read about the different online money makers especially the Webmasters, Bloggers and Publishers share how they were partly and indirectly employed by Google, but I never thought that the same question would at one time be directed to me.

Someday back like you know how from the 23+ or every month are Google pay days to publishers, I walked into the banking hall where I met this lady behind the teller who was very eager to know the kind of work I was doing and where I was employed.

When I asked her why, she was like “every month around the same dates, you walk into this branch and collect money deposited onto your account, and or one through western union right?” She added on that she has too witnessed many others who pop into the banking hall and request money through Western union where the sender is Google.

Are You Employed By Google? Webmasters, Bloggers & Publisher Question – Whats Your Answer?

That is why I really want to know what you do for Google and whether you are their employee – But, Google doesn’t have an office and or a branch here how comes?

If you are a Google publisher and always pick money from your bank, hen am sure you have at any one time been asked the same question and or, you will soon be asked it. This teller lady never agreed when I told her that I was just a Blogger. She was like may be you are employed part time, you are a software developer or so and I laughed out loud.

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For sure, I never knew what to answer her then since seemed to reject all of my answers ans which were the facts. Assuming this question was asked to you, what would be your answer? Would you say that you are a Google employer or something else? Say it!

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4 Responses

  1. Julius says:

    I am a happy parent. My family is doing good and gets everything they want. Every end of the month, Google sends me my earnings through EFT and am happy. I have tried jobs and jobs but none is compared to what Google offers. In short, I work for Google. You asked it and this is the answer.

  2. Hakim - Kenya says:

    In this world where Jobs are for those who have relatives in government or as children of bosses, Google is there and offers a non descriminative job environment regardless of who you are and where you are from. Anyone who meets the publisher requirements can earn from Google. Am too employed by Google and my answer would be YES!

  3. David says:

    Google should be the Top and number one World employer. I too earn some money from Google and why not refer to them as my parttime employer. Gosh, Google is wow and pays.

  4. ProG says:

    My answer would be Yes. I earn a living through displaying of Adsense Ads. My children are schooling and I can care for my family. Yes Google is my indirect employer.

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