Enhancing Your Business Visibility With Google Local Optimization

Online competition has accelerated and finding a space online to show off your brand can be a bit tricky. Everybody is trying all they can to ensure that they appear in prime positions on search engine rankings. Local Optimization could provide a great avenue to make this happen. Many businesses that exist online usually target specific audiences mostly within their proximity. If you are in town A for instance and your target customers are living within a given town B, it would make more sense to have your business more visible in town B than any other place; this will ensure that you get more publicity and prominence there.

This is the concept behind Google Local Optimization; to give you visibility in the areas that will give you more impact. Through geo-targeting, search engines are able to identify your location and use this data to give you local results whenever you do an online search. In fact it is said that 75% of the search results that appear of the search engine Search Results Pages (SERPs) comprise local searches. Having a good website and SEO on your page may not be enough if it does not appear on local searches.

The question then becomes as a business owner how do you ensure that your site only receives locally relevant traffic? This is precisely the thematic area that this article seeks to address. Read along to see how you can revamp the competitive edge of your business through local search optimization.

The Outstanding Benefits of Local Search Engine Optimization

Enhancement of Your Local Competitiveness

The best way of surviving as an online company is through direct competition with your closest competitors. You can never shy away from your local competition and still assume that somehow you will make it on the web; nothing can be further from the truth.

Through local search optimization, businesses are able to battle it out for local online space. By implementing a sound local search optimization, Google will in turn expose your products and services as well as brand to the audience that matters the most. In this, you will also get a slice of the local customer stream and build your profile as a force to reckon with.

Increase Your Chances of Conversion

Google Local optimization gives you local prominence and this enhances your chances of traffic conversion. Many times, businesses advertise through their websites, engage in article marketing and put in place thorough SEO strategies just to make their brands visible and get traffic streaming to their site. This is such an excellent effort. However the problem with this approach is that you may get irrelevant traffic on your site and end up not purchasing anyway.

If there is one area that you need to be careful about is traffic generation. Take time and get to learn about the quality of traffic that you attract to your site. Ensure that they are relevant and have the potential of conversion. Local traffic will mostly end up buying your products and services than traffic that flows from external sources.

Increase Physical Walk-Ins

Consumer’s also make use of mobile gadgets more than ever. In fact the rate at which online visitors are accessing sites through mobile phones and tablets is increasing at a faster rate compared to all other avenues. Imagine someone searching for a local coffee shop on the go and they happen to find your site on their search results. Logic has it that such a person may just decide to walk into your shop and get the service or products they want. This is where online and offline positioning strategies converge.

How do you implement Local SEO for your business?

There are a number of ways that you can use to create a local presence for your business. Below are some of them:

Creation of Unique and Relevant Content

Ensure that the content you create on your homepage or blog is unique, fresh and relevant to the needs of the targeted audience. You can either do this yourself or through hiring of professional writers.

Creating a Google Plus Account

This social platform has integrated the use of Google Places to help you optimize your business for SEO.

List Your Business in Local Directories

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Individuals and search engines usually frequent these directories in search of information. If your business is strategically listed in these directories, you stand a chance of being located easily. Yellow Pages and Yelp are some of the most popular directories.

Google local optimization is an excellent avenue through which your services can get local prominence and social proof.

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