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    Estimates of The 2013 Best IPO Performers

    According to the recent estimates of IPO, year 2013 was very profitable one to many companies. Many of them  achieved very good results as compared to others and in here, I have made a list of some of those which are taken to be the best performers in just ended year. Twitter, a social media […] More

  • free phone calls and text app for android

    Top 7 Free Calling Apps For Android To Any Number

    Using wifi or data, you can make free calls and also send unlimited text messages to any number directly from your Android and iOS devices. Having any of these applications below installed on your mobile means free access to unlimited texting and calling, which brings you closer to your family, friends and relatives including for […] More

  • turn off wordpress update notification

    How To Stop WordPress Plugin Update Notifications

    By default, all WordPress plugins are set to automatically check update and show notifications inside the dashboard. This is meant to help the owner see such update availability and possibly take action for either update any specific plugin and or to leave it depending on any reason one may be having. As we know it […] More

  • Extract WordPress Zip File Online

    How To Extract WordPress Zip File Online

    You can instantly extract WordPress zip file online when you follow the procedures outlined in this post. The entire process involves uploading the zip file, extracting the upload and installing it on your hosting server. The result is having a fully functioning WPress website ready to be used. Uploading the entire WordPress zip folder and […] More

  • WinZip file compressing software

    Top 7 File Compression Software 2020

    When we talk of the best file compression software available in 2020, we are referring to those file zipping applications and computer programs which can backup, extract, secure and combine the different files and folders into a single file for storage purposes. Since compressed files are easy to transport, it definately makes much more sense […] More

  • noscript opera download

    NoScript For Opera! Download For Maximum Browser Security

    When it comes to adding extra security to your Opera browser, Noscript suite lite extension does the perfect job once downloaded. By blocking malicious scripts and only allowing both inline & external JavaScript to be executed only by trusted websites, you enjoy the best when it comes to surfing the internet. If you’ve looking for […] More

  • system restore windows 10

    Windows System Restore Point! How To Create And Restore

    Windows system restore point is a feature which comes in Windows operating systems by default with a sole purpose of allowing the user to undo the most recent changes done on a computer. At some point, users find their machines failing to respond as commanded, behaving unusual, etc, as a result of a recent program […] More

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