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  • Raise Last-Minute Cash For College

    How To Raise Last-Minute Cash For College

    College is an expensive place to be, and it is a well-known fact that many students do odd jobs to survive their college. If you have paid your semester fees and you think you are short of money, here are some quick tips and tricks that will help you raise last-minute cash for college: Clean […] More

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    How Changing Your Beliefs Can Change Your Life

    Dr Wayne Dyer was an American psychiatrist, philosopher and motivational speaker he said, “if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change”. Our thoughts and beliefs create are what create our reality, if you look at everything with a negative mindset you will find negativity if you keep […] More

  • Artists Resume

    Tips for Writing an Artists Resume

    Writing an artist resume is very different to creating an occupational one. They both have very different aims and therefore should be catered to what you are wanting to get out of having one. As they are very different from each other, we have created a useful guide on how to create a great artist […] More

  • College-level Reading Comprehension

    10 Essential Tips For College-level Reading Comprehension

    Reading is a skill of literate people, but most people take it for granted. It requires a deep and complex understanding of a text and its meaning. While learning foreign languages, most ESL students face the problem with difficulties of reading comprehension consist in basic interpretation of a text, missing deeper meaning of context and […] More

  • 90 Discounted Amazon Textbooks

    How To Save UP TO 90% Shopping Amazon Textbooks 2020

    Getting the highest percentage in terms of purchase discounts is what every shopper both online and offline would want. Yes, this is because, saved money can be used to buy other stuff, and or to be used in other ventures. Whether you are rich or poor, the fact is that you can enjoy up to […] More

  • Farming eBooks

    13 Best Agricultural Related Success eBooks 2020

    Farming is takes place in several many ways including fish due to the high demand (Aqua), others farm vegetables due to their quick harvesting, others rear quails, others passion fruits and many more options. Regardless of the type one is involved in, having access to information which can be the tips, idea and so forth […] More

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    eBook Review – “How I Earned $5000 from Google Adsense within My 1st Year as an African Based Blogger – Lessons And Tips You Can Follow To Make It As Well!”

    Google Adsense is the leader when it comes to making money from anywhere and online. Believe me you, I have proof for this and itsn’t something new when I read what other people share on the same. Yes, I bought this eBook by Sevume which is all about “How I Earned $5000 from Google Adsense […] More

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    Review – “Credit Score, Credit Cards, Debt-Elimination Strategies and all about Filing For Bankruptcy eBook”

    “Credit Score, Credit Cards, Debt-Elimination Strategies and all about Filing For Bankruptcy” is an eBook which can help you not only to discover the best tips with regard, but too helps you learn lots of facts and how to’s with regard to the said topics. I have personally reviewed this Amazon sold kindle so that […] More

  • 111 Fiction eBook Writing Ideas For You

    More Than 2000 Fiction eBook Writing Ideas Exposed

    Are you into ebook writing? Do you write Fiction, TV series, Short stories, Novels, Plays, Movie Scripts, Soap Opera and others? If yes, then you should be in need of the contents in here. Writers need to be inspired from time to time. Writers need to be creative from minute to minute. Writers need to […] More

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    Why Studying A Foreign Language Is Useful

    Think of the world we live in, in fact its quite multicultural right? So here are some reasons to help you see the importance of foreign language study and that learning another language can be quite beneficial. One of the reason’s might even make you laugh, but I know that it’s a benefit that works […] More

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    The Secret Garden Book Review

    The Secret Garden is an Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book by Johanna Basford. And for those who love and enjoy reading, I hope that this book is one of those you might want not to miss checking out – I reviewed it just to ensure that you may get a hint on what you […] More

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