How to Start a Successful eCommerce Business?

In the era of internet connectivity, people are eager to be their bosses and own a business. The presence of the internet makes this goal seem more reachable, and eCommerce is one exciting avenue for success. There is tremendous growth in retail eCommerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2021. The eCommerce market has grown from […]

How to Partner with Jumia Logistics

Partnering with Jumia Logistics allows third-party businesses, sellers, and customers to benefit from Jumia’s last-mile delivery network across the 11 countries in Africa where the company operates. If you want to become a partner, this article is for you. When the company annouced the opening of Jumia Logistics services to third parties in November 2020, […]

How To Start A Poultry Farm In Uganda

The idea of raring birds such as chicken, turkeys, ducks, etc for meat or eggs is known as Poultry farming. Whether you are doing this for your own use, for example, to get eggs, and or doing it as a business where you sell out the chicken or eggs to others, it remains the same […]

How To Grow Sorghum In Uganda And Profit Like Okwee

Many years back, I used to see people growing Sorghum, harvesting, using it in the production of some locally made drinks and also selling for cash. Being a cereal crop, Sorghum is well known for its health benefits, for example, containing cholesterol and glucose-lowering properties, and also used in brewing factories, etc. Until today, growing […]

How To Make Fruit Juice For Business From Home In Uganda

If you never knew, the fruit juice business is one of the growing businesses not only in Uganda but also, in very many countries across the world. If you think I am joshing, take a tour of the different shopping centers like Shoprite, Game, and other stores, you will get to know how juice is […]

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