How To Grow Sorghum In Uganda And Profit Like Okwee

Many years back, I used to see people growing Sorghum, harvesting, using it in the production of some locally made drinks and also selling for cash. Being a cereal crop, Sorghum is well known for its health benefits, for example, containing cholesterol and glucose-lowering properties, and also used in brewing factories, etc. Until today, growing […]

How To Make Fruit Juice For Business From Home In Uganda

If you never knew, the fruit juice business is one of the growing businesses not only in Uganda but also, in very many countries across the world. If you think I am joshing, take a tour of the different shopping centers like Shoprite, Game, and other stores, you will get to know how juice is […]

When Is The Best Time To Buy Yaka?

With electricity being a “must-have” for all due to its associated benefits, purchasing a Yaka token for your prepaid meter at the best time means much more when compared to buying at any other time. Yes, from experience as an electricity user, I came to realize how the time you buy matters much. If you’ve […]

How to Recognize, Avoid and Report Investment Scams

Investment fraud may include stocks, shares, bonds, money, assets, currencies, or even immovable property. Fraudsters use sophisticated strategies every year to deceive hundreds of thousands of customers. To get customers to submit cash, they also mix modern innovations with dirty tactics. What is an Investment Scam? The objective of fraudulent transactions is to get naive […]

I Need Money Desperately: How To Avail Of A Loan Quickly

“I need money desperately”. This has been the cry of many during times when the economy just isn’t sitting where it should, and job stability has become a thing inconsistent. But when a sudden emergency hits you in the face, where would you be able to get a hold of money in order to cross […]

Changes in Marketing Strategies Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

It’s no surprise that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone’s lives including small livelihoods to major conglomerates. This has caused many people to lose jobs and a lot of businesses to close down. Such rare unfortunate events will continue to happen in the future and will affect many people and businesses. But for some well-prepared […]

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