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How To Schedule An Appointment For Uganda Passport Interview

Once you are done with filling in, submitting and printing your copy of application, you are ready to schedule an appointment for your Uganda passport online after making the required payments. If you were wondering how to go about the above, this articles show you how to. All you need is to keep reading in […]

How To Get A Ugandan Passport 2021

A Passport is the official documents which allows you to travel beyond country borders. Whether you are travelling oversees from Uganda for study, tour, relocation or business, you need such a document. Travel documents contain personal information about the owner, which helps when it comes to identification purposes. In order to get a Passport in […]

Uganda Visa On Arrival 2021

Is it still possible to get a “Uganda VISA” on arrival at Entebbe Airport or any other entry port in 2020? Do “arrival VISA’s” still available in Uganda? The above and many other similar questions are part of those many people who want to travel to Uganda for their own reason ask themselves. Yes, these […]

How To Fill & Submit Uganda Online Passport Application Form

The new Uganda passport application form is divided into parts. The different parts which are filled online require different details. The filled information must be reviewed before submitting the form at the final step in order to confirm that no mistake was made. If you are applying for the newly introduced Uganda e Passport, below […]

How To Get A New Uganda Passport Today

You can get a new Uganda passport today by submitting in all of the required documents together with the e-Passport application form G to any of the Directorate of citizenship and immigration control offices across the country and Consulate / Embassy in other countries. The New Uganda passport application process has a set of requirements […]

Download Uganda Passport Application Form G in PDF

You can download the new updated Uganda passport application form G, print it, fill and sign it and submit it to the immigration offices or passport control offices together with all other required details. This Uganda passport application form G is mandatory regardless of the type of passport you are applying for. It is used […]

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