Domain Names

GitHub Pages Custom Domain Setup

Wondering how to set up and use the GitHub pages custom domain name? This tutorial will take you through the configuration steps. By the time you are done with reading, you will be able to configure your custom domain name DNS for use on Github pages username. What are GitHub Pages? GitHub Pages is a […]

Is It Possible To Use A Custom Domain Name On Hubpages?

With Hubpages being one of the most popular content Adsense revenue sharing site which allows members to create free accounts – custom sub-domain names under, write contents and earn money using the different options including Google Adsense, Amazon, eBay, and Hubpages Ad Program, there is a question which many have been asking and have […]

How To Point Your Domain To 000Webhost With IP Address Other Than NS

When you create a free host account on 000Webhost, you are requested to add their Name servers into your domain DNS settings and which are usually and After, you are able to use all of the services provided to you including but not limited to, File Transfer Protocol access, Website builder, File manager, […]

How To Use Your Own Domain Name On FreeWebStore

Let me introduce to you, an online shop creation service anyone would want to try out, and at the same time also share with you how to link or use your own custom domain name on your created store. If you never knew, this service allows you to create an online stop instantly thus giving […]

How To Register A Domain Name In Uganda By Yourself

Whether you want to register a .ug,, .com, .net, .biz or any other domain name by yourself and instantly in Uganda, this guide takes you through the entire step by step procedures including the Uganda domain name registry requirements, how much you are supposed to pay and the entire process on how to register […]

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