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How To Declare Stamp Duty Instrument In Uganda

To declare a stamp duty instrument in Uganda, it all begins online at the URA web portal. Whether you are removing a motor vehicle caveat, a land title caveat, securing a bar code for statutory declaration, affidavit in support of motion while processing for an Absentee transfer, this guide will take you through all steps. […]

8 Places To Donate a Car in California For Tax Credit

When we talk of car donations, we simply refer to where one decides to give-away the un-used motor vehicles and trucks to charities and not-for-profit organizations for free. And yes, donations have many hidden benefits in the United States among which include tax deductions in addition to supporting a cause. If you have un-used vehicles […]

2020 IRS Tax Brackets! Tax Law Changes

As a result of inflation, the IRS adjusts tax brackets to account for that as a way of eliminating what is known as bracket creep. This year (2020) round, it all looks like Indexing has increased the income brackets by roughly 2% across the board as per IRS. If you are wondering what the IRS […]

List Of URA Approved Clearing Agents Uganda 2021

Are you into business which requires the intervention of clearing, customs or forwarding agents / brokers in Uganda? Are you looking out for the right agent or firm to deal with with regard to your imported or to export goods, services or other related tasks? If you are reading this, consider your worries ended. Yes, […]

KCCA Trading License Rates 2022

2022 is here and it is another year for business owners around Kampala city to pay their KCCA trading license fees aka rates. If you are planning to do business not only in the KCCA Divisions which make up Kampala district but also in all other parts and districts of Uganda, clearing your Trading license […]

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