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How To Clear Goods Moving Through Uganda (Goods-in-Transit)

Are you business person or even company planning to import goods to your choice of destination but through Uganda? If yes, this guide which is all about the procedure of clearing goods in transit...

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2019 IRS Tax Brackets! Tax Law Changes

As a result of inflation, the IRS adjusts tax brackets to account for that as a way of eliminating what is known as bracket creep. This year (2019) round, it all looks like Indexing...

KCCA Trading License Rates 2019 0

KCCA Trading License Rates 2019

2019 is here and it is another year for business owners around Kampala city to pay their KCCA trading license fees aka rates. If you are planning to do business around not only in...

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2019 Tax Refund Schedule IRS

The IRS 2019 Tax refund schedule is tabled below. If you were wondering when you should expect your IRS tax refunds for 2019, one of the popular questions which many tax payers ask themselves,...

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How To Register for VAT in Uganda

Wondering how to easily register for VAT in Uganda? This tutorial is a step by step guide containing all the procedures from applying to registering for VAT in Uganda. Like we may all know,...