Goods & Service Tax

2020 Tax Refund Schedule IRS

The IRS 2020 Tax refund schedule is tabled below. If you were wondering when you should expect your IRS tax refunds for 2020, one of the popular questions which many tax payers ask themselves, may be this post will help you find that burning answer. A lot of things do happen from time to time […]

How To Clear Goods Moving Through Uganda (Goods-in-Transit)

Are you business person or even company planning to import goods to your choice of destination but through Uganda? If yes, this guide which is all about the procedure of clearing goods in transit will help you understand what you need to do and exactly how you should do it. Goods-in-transit may simply refer to […]

#MpaReceiptYange! Do You Ask For or Give Transaction Receipts?

#MpaReceiptYange is a LUganda word which simply means, asking for a receipt after a transaction. According to, a receipt is “a written acknowledgment of having received, or taken into one’s possession, a specified amount of money, goods, etc”. Such a document can also be referred to as a “a bill of parcel, unpacking note, […]

How To Register for VAT in Uganda

Wondering how to easily register for VAT in Uganda? This tutorial is a step by step guide containing all the procedures from applying to registering for VAT in Uganda. Like we may all know, Value added tax is a “consumption tax placed on a product whenever value is added at each stage of the supply chain, from […]

How To Appoint URA Customs / Clearing Agents Online

Effective 15th August 2014, the electronic appointment of customs / clearing agents was made mandatory to be appointed online by individuals and companies (See image extract below from Uganda Revenue Authority did enforce this as a way to facilitate legitimate trade and fight related fraud for example the issue of unauthorized usage of other […]

How To Become Licensed Customs Clearing Agent In Kenya

Licensed customs clearing agents have the privilege to carry out related businesses between the client and the revenue authority legally. Just like it happens in other countries where the Revenue body, a government entity takes on the entire process of vetting, issuance, renewal and cancellation of Customs Agents Licenses, the same happens in Kenya where […]

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