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How To Pay URA Taxes Using VISA / MasterCard Option

This guide is about how to pay URA taxes using VISA / MasterCard payment mode / option. Whether you simply want pay to renew your driving license, get a new driving permit, pay police express penalty ticket, lost or damaged NIRA national identity card, process a birth or death certificate and etc, reading this article […]

How To File Tax Returns In Uganda On URA e-Services Portal

This article takes you through the step by step guide and procedures on how to file tax returns in Uganda on the URA e-services portal. Whether you are an individual, company, organization and etc, taking your time and going through this article will help you much. And by the time you go through it, you […]

How To Calculate PAYE In Uganda – Understanding Taxes

Wondering how much money you are supposed to pay or will pay inform of income taxes in Uganda? How about knowing if you qualify for Pay As You Earn yet or not? Reading this article will help you right from understanding your tax obligations to the government, knowing whether your current income is taxable, how […]

Surprising But Unusual Facts About Tax Preparation

So long as humans inhabit the earth and governments rule over people, there will always be taxes. Modern people are burdened by taxation related activities. Tax preparation companies lift these burdens. They relieve people from the stresses of preparing taxation documents. There is need to find and hire a good service provider located in your […]

How To Generate A URA Payment Registration Number (PRN)

Generating a Uganda Revenue Authority Payment registration number or PRN as many know it is mandatory for anyone is in the process of paying or wants to Pay government taxes. Yes, government taxes are very many well as they are classified in their different categories, which is why they call for different ways when generating […]

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