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Travelling Via Bus? UgaBus APP Allows You Book Right From Your Phone

Let me introduce to you UgaBus, the Bus booking application that allows you to book tickets to your destination within and outside Uganda right from your smartphone. If you are a frequent traveler, or simply want to tour or visit a friend, the UgaBus app installed on your smartphone will save you from the heavy […]

Best Guide To Make Your Kid’s Birthday Extra Special

Every birthday of your child is a milestone. Every passing year is a reminder to see how beautifully they are turning out. To have your child, to whom you teach every life lesson to prepare for the future. To incorporate the same values which you cherished & loved. The primary duty as a parent is […]

Tips for Choosing the Best Monocular for Bird Watching

Monoculars are useful for general outdoor viewing. If you are an ardent follower of activities such as bird watching, golfing, mountain trekking, outdoor events, and sports, you know that a monocular is a must-have in your kit. A monocular is a great alternative to the bulky binoculars you have lugged around for years. Monoculars are […]

4 Travel Security Tips For Women Traveling Alone

Hands up for all women who choose to live, travel alone and also provide on their own. Gone are the days where women were supposed to rely on men to be able to survive since they are able to provide their own security using a number of tips. As of today, our modern women can […]

Make Your Family trip Memorable – Find out how!

Who doesn’t love to take a break from the hectic life and enjoy the excellent weather and adventure? Well, it is easy to find that there are thousands of people who wish the same with their family but due to lack of ideas and time, they don’t give it a try. Even though it will […]

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