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How to Reverse Look Up Scammer Phone Number Free

You wake up and find a missed call from a phone number that isn’t in your phonebook. Before you callback, think of a possibility that the caller is a scammer, assuming the call wasn’t out of your appointment from a person you know, or even a legitimate business trying to reach you. From experience, before […]

How To Swear An Affidavit/Court Order In Uganda

You can get a court order and affidavit in Uganda by submitting all required details to the Magistrates court of choice. There are a number of reasons which call for such orders and declarations depending on the need for example when processing an absentee transfer of a Motor vehicle through Ministry of Works and Transport […]

How to make / Process Court order / Swear affidavit in Uganda

A court order is where the courts of law gives authority for one to do a transaction (anything) on behalf of another for example in cases of ones absence. On the other hand, an making an affidavit is when one swears to the truth for example when swearing that you bought the vehicle and you […]

How Land is Owned in Uganda

When you talk about land in Uganda, many questions arise when it comes to ownership. This is because of the fact that many people live ignorant of what tomorrow will be when it comes to matter concerning land. Like many of you have been hearing, a lot of people have ended up being thrown off […]

Did You Know Police Departments Regularly Pay to Hackers?

Police departments are regular victims of ransomware viruses. And from numerous news items we see that police departments regularly pay to hackers. We’ve heard of a government rule of not paying ransoms to criminals, but it is not working at all. What’s wrong with the system? To serve and protect their motto is. How can […]

Register Uganda Telecom SIM Card Via Whatsapp

In a bid to beat UCC directive of having all Ugandan based network subscribers SIM Cards / lines registered before April 20th 2017, different service providers including Uganda Telecom aka Mango / UTL have tried their best to ease the process of ensuring that all subscribe lines are full registered or updated with owners national […]

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