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  • grow Instagram

    How Can You Grow Instagram Organically?

    Instagram has undoubtedly revolutionized how we navigate through our social media routines. From uploading our first meal of the day; color-coordinating its content and hash-tagging how we might be a little OCD, to posting golden hour selfies (and inflate a little as the number of like grow), we have entered the world of a large […] More

  • how to get more views on facebook marketplace

    How To Increase Product Sales On FB Market In 4 Ways

    If you are looking forward to maximizing your product sales and exposure, Facebook is one of the top choices of options you might consider trying out. What matters most is understanding how exactly you should use this top social networking site marketplace to boost your listings, in order to get more exposure and orders. While […] More

  • brands killing it on instagram

    Use Social Media Management Tools For Building And Managing Stronger Brands On Instagram

    Instagram is the leading social media platform to promote your business. You need to tools like Sendible to ensure that. It transcends scheduling and publishing content direct to IG. It’s an extensive social media management implement to grow your brand. You can use it for scheduling updates, replying to your followers through inbox, creating analytics […] More

  • Lock Whatsapp Voice Note Recording

    How to Lock Whatsapp Voice Messages Note Recording

    Ever since Whatsapp has been existing, lots of changes have been seen, which to me all are aimed at improving the world’s most loved social application. One of the latest similar development in this app is the Voice recording feature where by currently, it is possible for one to lock the recording, which allows one […] More

  • Robotwity Mass Twitter Followers Gain

    How To Auto Instantly Gain Mass Twitter Followers Rapidly

    If you are on Twitter and really know what the benefits of having a large number (base) of Twitter followers are, trust me, missing this post will be a thing to “regret” and know why? The answer is very simple. In this article, I share with you the two trusted, instant and automated ways you […] More

  • Social media

    Is Facebook On The Way OUT?

    Is Facebook in the way out? All it takes is for users – especially advertisers – to find something that better suits their needs, and the giant can topple quickly. Some say those signs are well underway and Here’s why Facebook may be in trouble. Ad publishers are frustrated with “lagging monetization areas” in media, […] More

  • Whataspp_two-step_verification_PIN

    Protect Phone Number From Unauthorized Whatsapp Use

    This tutorial is on how to protect your phone number from unauthorized Whatsapp use. The article covers preventing other people from using your mobile phone number on Whatsapp without your approval, and takes you through the required steps on how to go about activating a two-step verification PIN, which is required every time an attempt […] More

  • Disable Facebook Messenger Chat Heads

    How To Turn Off / Disable Facebook Messenger Chat Heads

    “I dragged the Chat head notification onto the recycle bin and it went. But within a few seconds, another one from another friends popped up onto the my Tecno Boom J homescreen. Truth is, I have completely failed to locate the permanent disabling / turn off menu to help me get rid of Facebook Messenger […] More

  • Popular Facebook Acronyms Explained

    Popular 30 Facebook [Social Media] Acronyms Explained

    If you are connected to any of the top social media channels including Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and etc, chances are that you have already seen or received such tests containing an Acronym you either understood or didn’t. Many people create such acronyms for us on social media for reason being the need to shorten conversations […] More

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