Tax ID Numbers

How To Change (Amend) URA TIN Registration Details Online/Manually

The process of changing your URA TIN registration details is known as an amendment. Making an amendment means altering some of your allowed information, something which can only be done by the registered taxpayer. Depending on the reason as to why you want to change your URA TIN registered details, this guide will take you […]

How To Perform URA TIN Search

You can perform a URA Tin search easily and instantly in Uganda by using either of the ways listed below. But of course, you will need to have either the taxpayer’s phone number, full name, date of birth, email address, mother’s maiden name, or email address. What you are required in order to search for […]

How To Get A URA Instant TIN Number in Uganda

You can get a URA TIN Number by applying for it. The application process begins online on the Uganda revenue authority web portal and involves a series of steps right from downloading the forms, filling them, re-uploading them, submitting hard copies of the same including other required details to the nearest branch, and waiting for […]

How To Apply For A TIN Number In Rwanda

A TIN Number in Rwanda is a requirements, just like it is in other countries when it comes to those who wish to fulfill their tax requirements to the Government. The entire processing of issuing such numbers is determined by the instructions from the Commissioner General of the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA), just like it […]

KRA PIN Number: How To Apply & Obtain Free PIN Number in Kenya

Having a KRA PIN Number is mandatory to all stakeholders who wish to do business with Kenya Revenue Authority, other Government agencies and service providers including banks. For as long as you present all required documents alongside your application, you’ll have it issued within 10 minutes only. Known as a Personal Identification Number, the Kenya […]

TRA Tanzania TIN Number: How To Obtain, Verify & Search Format

Registration and issuance of a Tanzania TIN Number begins with TRA, a government agency which takes all issues related to taxes. Whether you are applying for a personal or businesses, companies, organizations, etc tax identification number, accessing the KRA online portal or visiting any of their offices countrywide will help you get started. Just like […]

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