Tax ID Numbers

[SOLVED] I Forgot My URA TIN Number in Uganda

Did you forget your TIN Number in Uganda? This is a guide on how to find it instantly. Yes, how do I know my Tax identification number  is one of the common questions which many Tax payers tend to ask them selves more especially those new registrants, or those who got it but suddenly can’t […]

How To Register And Obtain A New URA TIN Number Online

Whether you are an individual or non-individual, you can register and obtain a TIN number in Uganda following the below instructions. Applying for a tax identification number is mandatory for all qualifying taxpayers who wish to obtain one as a way of fulfilling their tax obligations. In this tutorial, you will be exposed to every […]

Who Qualifies For A URA Taxes Employee TIN Number

If you are an employer, the Tax Procedure Code Act and the Income Tax Act as amended requires that all of your employees earning the minimum threshold required by month be registered for taxes. And in order for an employee or any other individual to be successfully registered, a unique ten (10) digit identifying number […]

How To Recover / Reset Forgotten URA TIN Number Password

In this tutorial, you will discover how to recover / reset a forgotten Uganda Revenue Authority TIN number pass word. If you are a registered tax payer and happen to forget your TIN number / account pass word, chances are that you will likely not be able to transact more using the e-Services portal. By […]

How To Upload URA TIN Number Registration Application Forms

Applying and getting approved for a Uganda Revenue Authority Tax Identification Number to many is seen as a hard task yet to those who take time to read and find the exact with regard on how all works is seen as a simple task. Did you know that it only takes some few minutes for […]

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