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6 Fixes For Error Establishing A Database Connection

Dealing with “Error establishing a database connection” is one toughest situation which many webmasters and webpage owners find themselves in. Due to the nature of the problem, with its cause being a guess other than a known one in many cases, understanding how to fix this error is a must for every webmaster. This problem […]

How To Extract WordPress Zip File Online

You can instantly extract WordPress zip file online when you follow the procedures outlined in this post. The entire process involves uploading the zip file, extracting the upload and installing it on your hosting server. The result is having a fully functioning WPress website ready to be used. Uploading the entire WordPress zip folder and […]

How To Choose A Web Hosting Service In 9 Ways

Choosing a web hosting service can be tricky more especially if one is a newbie. But if you take into consideration these 9 factors, you will be able to go with the best service,which will allow you gurantee your online presense. If you consider your current hosting provider as the right one for your website […]

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