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How to Activate WP Encryption Free SSL Auto Renewal For WordPress

Free SSL Certificate Auto Renew is a premium WP Encryption feature that allows you to enjoy all other free user benefits in addition to automatic SSL installation, SSL automatic renewal, Wildcard SSL, Multisite, and mapped domain support. But, what if you activate the auto-renew feature without upgrading the current plan to premium? In this post, […]

Certbolt Cisco Certifications: Your Guaranteed Pathway to a Successful IT Career

The professionals looking to build a successful career in the field of IT may consider getting the relevant certificates. This is the way to validate their competence and skills in the domain they have chosen. Cisco Certification has a broad certification program with various levels and domains. If you think about developing in your professional […]

How to Paste Images From Clipboard to WordPress Editor

You can directly paste images from clipboard to WordPress editor without first saving them anywhere. If you’ve always wanted to copy images from any other site, or even in MS word on your computer and directly paste them into WordPress editor, this WordPress Gutenberg tutorial is for you. I am personally using the same trick, […]

Graphic Design Trends That Designers Can Follow In 2022

COVID-19 pandemic might have been the primary theme of 2020, but there are other developments as well in 2021/22. For instance, graphic design trends have reached a vital milestone. It seems to be a new era in graphic design where the domain is all set to reach new heights of success with designers coming up […]

How To Create An Educational Blog?

Educational blogging is an important tool that makes teaching and learning easier for both teachers and students. Many educators are already using blogs to integrate technology into their class discussions and lectures. Blogging has become an excellent educational tool where students can work to develop their writing, communication, and other essential skills that they will […]

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