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How To Fix Broken Links Using These 8 Free Tools

Whether you run a WordPress blog or any other like Blogger, searching for broken links manually is a hectic process. Since the process involves manually checking each post, the time you spend doing the same is irreplaceable unless you use one of the best free tools to automate the process. Like we know, fixing broken […]

How To Stop WordPress Plugin Update Notifications

By default, all WordPress plugins are set to automatically check update and show notifications inside the dashboard. This is meant to help the owner see such update availability and possibly take action for either update any specific plugin and or to leave it depending on any reason one may be having. As we know it […]

How To Show Or Hide Widgets On Specific WordPress Pages

If you are looking for an easy way to show or hide widgets on specific WordPress pages, or even posts, then you are the very one who must not miss this post. Since a widget may contain anything from an Advert, a category, a tag, a link, an image, a banner, etc, there are situations […]

How To Generate Free Custom Favicon With Dynamic Drive

Dynamic Drive is a very powerful tool when it comes to generating free custom favicon images. Using their online tool, you are able to create limitless .ico images which allows you turn your blog professional. If you know Google’s blogger aka blogspot, I am sure you’ve got a hint already. Also known as a URL […]

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