Exploring Kanha National Park Through Jungle Safaris

Kanha Reserve, one of the few havens for wild beings in India, is immensely popular for its natural fineness in the form of landscape harbors amidst the top hills and valleys of highest grasslands in the Maikal range of Satpuras.

Jeep safaris in Kanha National Park are truly a thrilling experience for adventure seekers. They offer you an opportunity to reach deeper into the jungle where it would be difficult to reach with any other mode of transportation. The officials allow jeep safaris twice a day. The first jeep safari starts during early morning hours and the other at during late afternoon.

The vehicle can accommodate maximum 6 individuals at a time. Out of the 6 individuals, there’s one driver and a naturalist, so 4 visitors can travel in the jeep on any given trip. You should complete the paper formalities related to seeking permission before entering into this national park. Completing these formalities must not take more than 15-20 minutes.

While on your visit to this place, you should keep all your senses open. This will help you enjoy the beauty of this place and explore a lot of new things. You should avoid talking loudly, as it may disturb wild animals and it’d reduce your chances to sight them. It is essential for you to take assistance of experienced staff during jeep safaris because they are well-aware of the forest reserve. Keep an experienced guy by your side as it helps to avoid going off the track.

Apart from jeep safaris, you can also go on an elephant safari in this national park. Thanks to jungle officials, visitors can now have regular Tiger tour on the back of an elephant inside the tourist zone. This mode of transport ensures that you see and experiences all those things that might not have been possible with any other mode of transport.

Elephant safari helps you access all those places inside the park which are not accessible by jeeps. Full day elephant safaris are extremely expensive, but since it offers you an option to enjoy the wildlife closely for longer duration. In order to enjoy the fun of a full day elephant safari you would have to book in advance because there’s huge demand among tourists interesting in safari. The Elephant safari gives an authentic feel and intensity of fun multiplies considerably.

If you are planning to go on different types of safaris on your trip to Kanha National Park, then you should plan in advance. You can research in detail about the national park, safari and safety tips. Travelers who have visited this place more than once know exactly how to deal with different situations.

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They share first-hand experiences during the trip, which is immensely helpful to all those individuals who are visiting this place for the first time. The best time to visit Kanha is from October to June month. You should avoid visiting here during peak summer and monsoon season because a majority of animals are out of bounds.

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