How Long Does It Take To Get An Express Passport In Uganda?

According to the official website of the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control of Uganda, it takes 2 working days for an express passport to be issued to the applicant.

Unlike regular passports that take up to 10 working days, express takes 2 days only, thus being different. Once you have paid the 250,000/= normal fees plus 150,000/= express process fee and handed in your application at the appointment date, you only have to wait for 2 days in order for your Uganda travel document to be given to you.

Steps to Get An Express Passport in Uganda

  • Accept “Terms” by checking to agree to box
  • Click “Start New Application”
  • Enter “Phone Number, Email, Security Questions, and Security Answer”
  • Enter “Given Text”
  • Click “Save and Continue”
  • Select “Passport Type and Type of application”
  • Select “Express” under Priority

Fill in all other information including your personal, parents, origin, recommender, next of kin, address and etc as required while saving and continuing until the last submission page. You must fulfill all passport application requirements including a National ID NIN.

Print the forms and pay the associated express passport fees to the bank of choice. Return to the passport application website and schedule an interview appointment. For express passports, the appointment dates will be very near compared with normal passports that can go for weeks or months.

Once you’ve scheduled an appointment, quote the time and date and hand in your passport application printed PDF copy with all attachments for the interview. You will be given a passport collection form with a tracking number.

You will be notified by SMS text message once your express passport is ready for collection on your registered phone number. You can then pick up your issued travel document at the collection center which is Kyambogo’s former Face Technologies offices in 2 days. The cost of an express passport in Uganda fee is 400,000/= (Four hundred thousand Uganda shillings only).

Remember, you need to carry with you the collection form that contains your tracking number as that will help you quicken the passport pick-up process. In any case, if there are delays, you can use the portal to track the status of your express passport and confirm whether it has been processed and issued or is still pending

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