Ezoic Introduces Humix for Publishers Via Trailblazer

Ezoic Humix

Ezoic publishers can now access Humix, a global video network that aims at helping publishers to increase traffic and revenue through digital video. Humix is available via Trailblazer,

Ezoic Trailblazer

Ezoic Trailblazer

Trailblazer is a new feature that is available for selected Ezoic users. The program allows publisher sites access to products, features, or platform updates when they are still in early development.

Trailblazer allows opted-in users to have early access to available features when they are still in alpha and beta listings. This means that such users are able to test before such programs are available to the public.

Ezoic Humix

Humix is a growing global video network that allows publishers to increase traffic and revenue using digital video. As an Ezoic Publisher, you can upload and share, or display videos from the Humix network by enabling the display of Network videos on their sites.

How Ezoic Humix works

Displaying videos – Once you have Humix access, you can browse through and select a video that matches your site’s content. You can embed the video within your content and earn revenue for displaying the video.

Sharing videos – If you are a video creator, you will earn up to 50% of the revenue earned from your video. When your video is shared across the Humix network, you earn thus benefiting even more.

How to Join Humix

  • Enable Trailblazer by checking the link in your account
  • Join Humix, Click Access, and Accept terms.
  • Search for videos to display
  • Activate Grow to share videos
  • Activate Auto-Engage to earn

That is all. The next time you are looking for videos to embed in your blog articles and posts or converting text articles into videos for free, check out Humix videos and get started. Remember, it’s all about maximizing your revenue while engaging your readers.

Remember, you can fully run your WordPress on Ezoic without paying for hosting. With Ezoic WordPress hosting, you only think of renewing your domain while everything else is accessed for free.

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