Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, Twitter, Google & Blogger – Who Are They?

Have you ever wondered why sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, WordPress and a many others are one of those top sites which prides themselves for recieving the top visitor hits on a daily basis? Do you know or ever wanted to discover why those sites are what almost everyone talks about when it comes to internet and web talkings? Whether you have heard it or not yet, take it from me that the above listed pages have proved and are still proving to be what everyone visits the moment one gets access to an internet connected device.

If you have been wondering why I have said so, below are whatyo should know about each of them in brief and which is the reason they are the top web pages everyone would love to visit.

YouTube.com – Youtube is a media watching site where people who have accounts can upload and share videos, slideshows and many others with the public. Youtube is owned by Google and is a highly trusted and one of the top visited sites worldwide daily. It is trusted and highly recommended.

WordPress.org – WordPress is a content management system which can be used to create blogs and sites. It is free to downlaod and use although one need to buy a domain name and too pay for hosting in order to upoad the WordPress CMS. Its a trusted CMS and recommended.

WordPress.com – WordPress.com is a free blogging platform which allows anyone to create a free blog running on subdomain wordpress.com. Its a highly trusted platform and I personally recommend it for use.

Blogger.com – Blogger is a free blogging platform and owned by Google. Anyone can sign up a free account and create a free blog with subdomain blogspot.com. According to me, Blogger.com is a legitmate and trusted service.

Facebook.com – Facebook is a social networking site and currently taken to be one of the top and most visited sites Globally. Facebook allows users to create free accounts and start sharing anything and everything, upload pictures and videos and too connect with the different people worldwide. Its a trusted site for relaxing and it is safe for use.

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Twitter.com – In the world of social networking and marketing, Twitter has proved to be one of the best and on the extreme top in the list. The site has so many uncountable users where I am included. Its free to join and free to say anything from promotion to sharing knowledge.

Google.com – This is known as the Big G search. When we talk about searching online, we refer to Google search engine in many cases. This is the worlds Giant and popular search engine where one feels contented and guaranteed of getting the best results depending on the query made.

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