A Feature That All MacBooks Catastrophically Lack

MacBooks Last year, Apple drastically updated the entire range of professional notebooks, the MacBook Pro 15. In 2015 it was the world’s first MacBook 12 with the only USB Type-C port. Of course, all of these computers are among the best in their class, but they do not have one function that would make them the best in the market.

All new ultrabooks from Apple corporation have the Touch Bar touchpad, the Touch ID fingerprint reader, but these are not the features that could somehow significantly improve the life of Mac users.

In my opinion, Apple should focus its attention on a function that is simple in implementation, but much more useful in day-to-day life. It is about the support of cellular networks. Ultra-lightweight MacBook 12 is the perfect device for those who travel a lot, so why not add a SIM card slot to it and implement support for 3G / 4G networks?

Yes, access to the Internet over the cellular network will reduce the autonomy of all MacBook somewhere by 15-20%, but at a time when this function is not needed, it could simply be disconnected.

Implementing a cellular modem in [[[Apple laptops]]] is a simple task since the company has vast experience in this area from the iPad and iPhone. If Apple ultrabooks could have a SIM card and access the Internet without the use of a Wi-Fi network, this device would turn into an ideal working tool for travel lovers.

Additionally, and as many people know, public Wi-Fi networks may be insecure. Cyber criminals use them to install malware or monitor user traffic. 3G / 4G networks are much more secure in this regard.

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Yes, you should pay for a SIM-card tariff plan, but again, this feature might not be used by those who do not need it often. As an example, you can take the recently introduced and commercially available Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 4G, which can run on networks of all three generations. This makes it more versatile than any of the Apple laptops, as it is a completely autonomous device that can go wireless without Wi-Fi.

Perhaps this is precisely the feature that all [[[MacBooks]]] catastrophically lack. If Apple had added it, then its portable computers would become truly ideal universal devices for work. You will be able to take them with you everywhere, as almost anywhere in the world you can find cellular networks to access the Internet.

Someone will definitely want to say that you can insert a modem on a MacBook. Yes, that’s true, but Apple’s new portable computers have only USB Type-C ports, and there’s not a single modem type on the market to support such plugs. Using an adapter makes the whole design too cumbersome.

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