How To File Tax Returns In Uganda On URA e-Services Portal

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File URA e-Returns Tax

This article takes you through the step by step guide and procedures on how to file tax returns in Uganda on the URA e-services portal. Whether you are an individual, company, organization and etc, taking your time and going through this article will help you much. And by the time you go through it, you will have discovered how it all works when it comes to fulfilling your tax obligations to the government.

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No matter you are self employed, employed by the government, do private business, do contract work and any other for as long as you are qualified to pay taxes to the government including filing returns, using the Uganda revenue authority web portal will help you do everything from anywhere be in your office, home or even on the go.

The URA e-Services portal is very easy and simple to use. You only need to have created an account and having the login credentials including login ID and login password in order to get started. This applies to both individuals, non-individuals, companies, organizations, NGO’s and others. Knowing what you are filing is also vital as it helps you go through it all easy. See list of what you are allowed to file as returns. See what you can file using the URA e-Services portal.

The original and Amended e-Returns category

– Income Tax Provisional
– Income Tax Final
– Income Tax with Employment/Rental Income
– Income Tax for Presumptive Taxpayer
– Monthly Value Added Tax
– Diplomatic Value Added Tax
– Pay As You Earn(PAYE)
– Local Excise Duty
– Withholding Tax
– Gambling/Betting Tax- Weekly
– Gambling/Betting Tax – Monthly

The Others e-Returns category

– Generate Tax Credit Certificate for Pay As You Earn
– Generate Tax Credit Certificate for Withholding
– Download filled sheet for previous Returns
– View History
– Extend Return Due Date

Steps to filing your e-Returns using URA e-Services portal

In order to start your tax filing process, you should follow the below procedures right from A to Z. One important thing you should note is the fact that you should have your URA account login credentials available, knowing the tax period, the amount you are filing and all other records.

1. Visit Uganda revenue authority portal at
2. Click on your right under account, input your log in details including ID and password.
3. Hit enter on your PC keys and wait for log in.
4. On your left row, hover on e-Returns and click on your choice (what you are filing eg Income tax provisions).
5. Click on download template for return… and save it on your computer.

Please note that you will need to have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer in order to fill the XLS file you download from the portal. And you should enable macros security when you open the program so that the editing feature should be activated. Read here on how to Enable Macros on ms office 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013

7. Now fill the XLS form and ensure that there are No errors. You can do that by hitting the validate button to check.
8. Click on generate upload file and wait for it.
9. Upload your file and you will be done. Just in case you find any difficulty, you can call me on 0752009001 and we see a way to help you out.

How To File Tax Returns In Uganda On URA e-Services Portal

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      1. I have been trying to access the page for filling the income tax returns but I have not succeeded, what is the login exact page that I can go to,please help,

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