FITFORT Universal Magnetic Cell Phone Car Holder Reviews

 FITFORT Universal Magnetic Cell Phone Holder for Car When you think of a stylish, extra compact and stronger car phone holder, FITFORT Universal Magnetic comes in. Made of Neodymium material, you are on a sure deal to have your device locked up in one place there by avoiding unnecessary damages and etc. If you are still wondering what this holder is all about, this review has it all.

Besides ranking 4.5/5 on amazon, FITFORT universal magnetic cell phone car holder is multi-purpose just like its name suggests. It is compatible with a range of devices including but not limited to tablets, GPS, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7/Plus, Samsung Note 8, Galaxy S8 Plus and many others, which gives you option to use it on any compatible device without having to buy another.

Features of FITFORT universal magnetic cell phone car holder

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– Is made of Neodymium material and is extra magnetic.
– Innovative 3M bond adhesive technology
– Is Universal and fits to many devices eg Phone ,GPS or Tablet
– Looks awesome and performs better.
– Has no cradles, clamps or suckers.
– Is 360┬░rotation adjustable magnetic phone holder.
– Has minimalistic stylish design.
– Requires minimal space and fits all the car.

Why I love FITFORT universal magnetic cell phone car holder

When driving, my hands are free which makes me stay focused on driving and the road as opposed to the phone. At the same time, I am able to listen to favorite songs, answer my callers while driving. Oh yes, this is more than just a holder. See full specifications and make an informed buying choice.

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