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how to get desktop site on android chromeLet me be honest with you. Thousands of internet users ask themselves this similar question about “how to request desktop site in chrome on mobile”. Yes, this is because many people visit sites sometimes which are not fully responsive, and or tend to break when viewed on mobile and thus making one not to enjoy the best experience.

If you are reading this, I am sure you are among the many who ask themselves the said question above. But don’t worry, that answer which you have been searching for about “hotmail full desktop site on mobile” is right here. You should therefore be in position to views your favorite sites on mobile just like you would using a computer when using Chrome.

Google Chrome is a top rated web browser supported on both mobile (Android and etc oS) and computers (laptop, pc and etc). Being a popular browser means usage by different users globally. This is one of the reasons why the question above is popular since not all sites are fully responsive.

If you have been encountering problems or issues on certain websites thus calling for desktop access, it;s high time you stopped the worries since I am sharing with you below how to request desktop sites using chrome mobile be for hotmail access, URA portal access, Gmail and all other sites you know.

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Please not that this is no tweak or hack but rather, a feature which is inbuilt with Google chrome browser. Lets take a look on how to request full site on mobile.

Force desktop site android chrome

  • Launch your browser and hotmail website.
  • Tap on the 3 dots on the top right hand side.
  • Scroll and checkbox on “Desktop site:.

Bingo! The page you are on will be reloaded automatically and a full version of the website will be loaded. You can do anything on mobile just like you would have done it on PC. The whole idea is simple and easy…

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