Free Whatsapp Bulk Text/Video/Audio Marketing – An Opportunity To Take Your Business Ahead

The rapid growth of social networking sites has changed the definition of marketing in recent years. Bulk Whatsapp marketing is a relatively new concept which is being widely used across different industries such as health care, education as well as other B2C and B2B sectors. There are the number of business listing websites that offer bulk messaging services on Whatsapp. So what is bulk Whatsapp Messaging all about? It is an effective, cross platform medium of instant messaging for business promotion using which you can generate vital sales leads. You can send Whatsapp messages in different forms such as text, image, video, audio and text. Here are some of the major benefits of acquiring bulk Whatsapp messaging services :-

Bulk messaging is the only effective method for communication across different mediums

A large section of the target audience whom you would like to reach out to uses mobile phones and are active on Whatsapp. Using this technique of bulk Whatsapp messaging, you can reach out to them with your message and promote your brand effectively across different formats such as audio, video, text, image and V card. No other mobile application is known to provide you with the access to the targeted audience across different mediums.

A suitable medium to promote businesses across different geographical areas

Through bulk Whatsapp messaging, you can promote the product or service that you are offering and acquire useful sales leads from different parts of the world on the basis of country or city. For instance, you can opt for a subscription plan of 10,000 messages and reach out to a target audience of 5,00,000 people based within the Delhi NCR region.

Whenever you acquire the services of a Whatsapp marketing company in Delhi, you should go for the one that offers a 100% delivery insurance, and that too within a short period of time. While selecting the services of a company that offers this type of service, you should first verify whether the company you are hiring covers the area you are targeting. For example, if your business is based in Kalkaji and you want to reach out to people based in areas like Greater Kailash, C.R.Park and New Friends Colony, then first check whether the company you hire offers bulk messaging services in south Delhi or not. The same criteria applied to the other states.

If you want to target states in south India, then it would be a better idea to approach a company based in Chennai or Bangalore. This is because such an organization would have a better know about the demographics and market trends, there as compared to any business listing company based in Delhi. You can thus broaden your target base within a short span of time without having to spend heavily on traditional forms of media such as TV or radio. You can do the same at the fraction of a cost through Whatsapp Messaging.This will help you to channelize your marketing efforts in the right direction and boost the sales revenues of your company.

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