Free .XYZ Domain Name Coupon Code By Web4Africa 2016

Free .xyz domain name coupon Ever wanted to own a 100% free .xyz domain name? Yes, its a free domain name with a .XYZ tld by Web4africa. If you have been wondering how to get such a domain name, and or join the internet world by owning a personal website, a business blog, a forum, a classifieds site, a journey, a news website and or an applications portal, this post has the answer you have been looking out for.

In here is a free coupon code which you can use to grab your 100% free .xyz domain name from Web4africa. Yes, its true and I have already used it for my business domain name which am sure you are seeing live well as its in its development phase. This means that you too can get your own free domain, that is if you make use of this coupon code I am sharing with you right here, right now and in this 2016 year.

How about joining the millions of existing domain names on the net? How about taking your business to the next level by branding it even online? I am sure this works for you right? And its what I want you to make use of by sharing this coupon code which is having no strings attached.

All you need is very simple, to do is to create your free Web4africa account, search for a domain name of your choice eg, or, add it to cart (you can chose any payment option of your choice eg Payza, Paypal, Credit card and others) and continue to checkout.

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Now you will notice a $2 cents invoice, now add this coupon code “2CENTS-062016” without quotes and update your cart. You will notice a change in price from $2 cents to $0.0. Continue and make your order. You will be charged nothing and your domain will be activated instantly. You will only need to verify your email address and boooo, you are done. Its a free .xyz domain name from Web4africa.

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