Get Paid By Anyone Worldwide Through Payoneer Debit/Credit Card Funding/Payment Option – From Companies Only To Individuals

get paid This tutorial is on how to get paid by anyone (individuals and companies) worldwide through Payoneer’s credit and debit card payment or funding option. And yes, its now possible for anyone to receive funds from persons, businesses, companies and others directly onto your Payoneer US Bank account and onto your MasterCard just like other payment processors.

If you sell online and had previously stopped doing it for any reasons for example after your PayPal account was permanently limited, then you need not to cry any longer. Payoneer’s new funds receiving option looks to be one of the best alternatives for all of the limited, banned, funds held and others cries you might have been going through.

This new service which was launched recently allows anyone to get paid directly onto his Payoneer US Bank Account (Bank of America and First Century Bank for those who still use it). All it takes is for you (the seller) to send a payment request to the individual or person or company and let them pay using their Credit or Debit card and directly onto your account.

The buyer will receive an email message from the seller indicating the amount to be paid where by he or she will follow the link in the email and make a VISA and MasterCard or any other provider secured payment to the seller. The seller then can mail item or product depending on the agreement made by the two parties involved.

All sent funds are verified including all the details of the sender for example the Credit/Debit Card number, the names on the card, the CVV code, the expiry date and the country of origin of the sender including their email addresses, which is a security measure to prevent fraud.

The seller received the funds within not more than 48 hours which is only 2 days. And yes, one can enjoy the money without the hassles of bank transfers and others. One additional positive factor for this is on who caters for the costs involved (the 3%). You either agree to cater for them as the seller or let the buyer do so, and which isn’t the way how other processors like PayPal, Payza and others do.

How do you send the payment request?

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Sending your Payoneer payment request is very simple and easy. You simply log into your account, hit the request funds link, input in the payment details including from who (person or company), for what (description), preview and you are done.

How do you pay using your credit or debit card?

This is another simple one. You only need to follow the payment request link in your email, input all the required details and send the payment. Very easy like that.

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