What You Get With Startimes App – Change Bouquet, Channels, Packages, Watch Free Movies, View Live Football and More.. It’s More Than Just TV

ef35b7082ef11c2ad65a5854e7494e90ea7febc818b5164095f0c778a4e5 640 wy6qib This startimes application is one you might want to test out whether you are a subscriber or not. The reason is simple, this app has lots of benefits which are beyond a TV just like many say. I took time and checked the different services which are associated and I was like wow, it is indeed an smartphone app which I wouldn’t fail to share with you. Previously, I had reviewed the same but was limited. And now, I am adding something right here and now.

This startimes application is free to download if you follow the simple guide in this review. And once you get it installed on your device, chances are that you will start enjoying more than TV from movies, cartoons, football, soccer and others. It also gives you option to change, switch and or upgrade to the different bouquets, packages, channels and many others all on the go.

Startimesapp homepage

See the image above, that is the interface which comes when you launch the app. You get instant look at what is trending and what is coming up. This is great especially for those who just want to see what is gonna happen.

Startimes app guide

Your TV programming guide is all in your hands and on the go. Yes, a single click helps you get to know what’s currently on your channel, whats coming, free movie releases and much more. It is all about having fan after knowing where it is.

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Aapplication features

You can add your account and as well log in. You can change services including bouquets, programming, recharge your account, pay your bills and much more others all in this.

Invite and earn free credits on startimestv

How about if you invited your friends and started earning money? That is the one best thing I love about this application. It allows you to refer using the referral code (read this post for every single detail). Guess what, you have an option to add a card number, and or add that of a friend which gives you access even when you aren’t a subscriber.

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