Get The Best Workout Ever – Learn Steps For Underwater Cardio & Strength Regimen

You may have seen martial artists in movies practicing while being submerged in water or under a waterfall. But did you ever think of creating a gym out of your pool? Agreed, a public pool is probably not the best place to carry dumbbells into, but hey! You could start a trend, y’know? Water provides about 12 times more resistance to your workouts than air does and it keeps you lubricated and safe at all times. Meaning? Less or no worries about getting those sprains and strains that seems to pop out of nowhere (and keep plaguing you for months). Try working out in the water and you will never want to smell a sweaty gym again. Okay, maybe you will – it does have its unique attraction, but pool based workouts are really something every fitness enthusiast ought to try out at least once.

Ultimately, you are going to have to create your own routine or talk to someone who can answer all your questions, but first, you need to see for yourself what we mean. And don’t forget to consult your doctor before beginning any workout regimen.

1. Squats

Yes, we decided to begin with the most dreaded of them all and figured we didn’t need a fancy sub-title to get your attention. You know just as most everyone else does that nobody likes squats. People slave on their arms and frequently end up with very disproportionate figure. Here’s where you can remedy that situation.

The buoyant force of the water will give you a very different feel from the conventional squat workouts and you will feel a bounce that ought to put a pep in your routine. The normal burning sensation that one feels in the quads is masked by the swirling of water around your thighs and while you’ll still be getting a proper workout, the experience will not seem nearly as harrowing.

Three body weight sets of max reps or 4 sets of 12-15 reps with weight added. We recommend you begin with body weight sets to get the feel of it and hold on to something while you are at it, for balance. Obviously, make sure your head is above water at all times. If necessary, go for rapid half-squats (in which case, double the number of reps for the weighted workout sets).

2. Hamstrings and Calves

Hamstrings are very often ignored. And that cheats you of the proper shape that your thighs deserve. As for calves – well, you know how it is! Take this opportunity to create really massive hamstrings and enviable calf muscles and enjoy the process thoroughly as well. You want super sets for this one or it will be too easy. Hold on to the pool stairs or  anything that allows a grip, and float your body facing down. Now flex your hamstrings as you would on a curling bench. You will float up and down slightly – get into a rhythm and this will not create a problem. After you are done with a set, immediately begin the calf workouts – preferably with weights. Turn your toes out, in and pointing straight ahead for a fuller workout in three supersets.

You can use strap-on weights for your hamstrings, too, but it may be best to begin with body weight drills first. 6 – 8 reps if you are using weights, for the hamstrings, and 15 – 20 for the calves. Bonus: you will also get a very effective glute workout with this superset routine.

3. Add Water to Make Those Six Packs Grow

You know how it burns when you reach the final few reps on just about abs workout routine? Well, the same thing happens here as with squats – you don’t feel the burn as much. Make no mistake: a good workout will leave you sweating whether you are in the water or no, but it is always less strenuous with the soothing micro waves of your own making lapping around your body. And the moment you finish, you are literally submerged in bliss. You will not fully understand what we mean until you try this out.

Anyway, back to abs. hold on to something with an overhead grip and either cycle rapidly (and splash water all around you!) or perform controlled leg raises. If you are doing the leg raises, experiment with raising them partially out of the water and you will add a nice twist with the suddenly decreased resistance for a second or two. With the same overhead grip you can experiment with just about any kind of knee or leg movement that stimulates the abs – just take your pick. And when you are good at it, add weights. Don’t go more than 15 reps if you are adding weights, unless you are competing – in which case you’ll need a coach looking over your shoulder, and not this article.

4. Butterflies Love Water

You do see them fluttering around natural water-bodies, don’t you? In any case, when you practice manual butterfly movements with a pair of weights, the ladies will definitely steal a look or two to admire your pecs and delts. Again, with your delts experiment with in and out of water motions. You are going to club the lateral and front raises with the pec presses (which should be done inside the water – show the ladies what you got after you are done!).

You are going to see a very rapid improvement in all areas of your upper body with this routine. And if you know how to flex the traps properly when the weights go down, you can also add two sets of front raise to round it off. That would be 4 x 12 butterflies and 2 x 8 lateral raises plus 2 x 8 front raises also serving as pullover, all in a super-set. Not as complicated as this might make you feel, but one hundred percent as effective as advertised.

5. Those Coveted Arms

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Yes, we saved that for the last. You just work them as you normally would – superset between biceps and triceps and keep the forearms separate. Possible routines could be regular curl + kickback, concentration curl + body weight push-ups on pool wall (half reps), dumbbell hammer curls (you want those brachialis, or not? ) + half rep back push holding pull stairs, and feel free to experiment as much as you wish but always maintain proper form. Do not ever hold your breath for any routine just because putting your head under the water looks like a fancy move!

For the forearms, combine consecutive sets (not super sets, ordinarily) of curl or wrist curl with the wrist roller. The roller is one more thing that really puts the burn in your arms and you will love it when you perform this underwater. But always keep those arms at chest height for proper form. Bend your knees if you have to, but keep the arms straight out.

For your biceps, 3 x 10 reps, for triceps, 3 x 8, and the forearms will respond best to 3 x 12 or 15. For any body weight workout (the roller may be deemed as such even though it has weight), go max rep with 3 sets.

We seem to have covered your entire body with much emphasis on the core muscles – do let us know if we got you hooked on to hydrogymming!

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